1st year

Manual mapping of the entire product life cycle for the three use cases with classic engineering processes, models and tools. This includes in particular:

  • Development of the domain-specific models in the respective current engineering tools
  • Analysis and variation of models, definition of requirements and process interfaces for future modeling
  • Development of the teaching concept and teaching materials for the digital product life cycle. Test of the concept by training and further education of all project participants in the design languages ​​and their tools, validation and verification by the industrial advisory group.

2nd year

Digital mapping of the entire product life cycle for the three use cases from the first year with graph-based design languages. This includes in particular:

  • Development of the holistic digital product life cycle with graph-based design languages ​​for the 3 use cases (automotive front hood, quadrocopter, Segway).
  • Lightweight studies and their influence on digital factory with cost evaluations
  • Usability studies for integrative product development processes
  • Summer-School, inter-university lecture series (it is envisaged that lectures and exercises based on all use cases can be illustrated in block seminars on the respective main topics of the digital product life cycle and can be trained in practice using the use case 3 “Segway”).

3rd year

Development of libraries of graph-based design languages ​​for the know-how reuse and fast generation of product variants. This includes in particular:

  • Implementation of domain-specific design language libraries that generalize knowledge from use cases and make it available for other products or projects.
  • Prototype of a user interface for integrative work
  • Summer School, inter-university lecture series